The Chekhov Method in Jazz

Over a period of seven months, I intensively dealt with the question of whether Michael Chekhov’s acting method can be transferred to the musical laws of the jazz genre. This research project con- sists of two phases of an action driven research design.

In the first phase, I narrowed down my method through literary research, exercises and experiments, and then transferred it into a musical context. In three studies: workshops, duo sessions, and my work, I empirically researched the Chekhov method with a total of 15 participants including myself. Three of Michael Chekhov’s techniques constituted the base: „Gesture“, „Atmosphere“ and „Imagi- nary Center“. I evaluated the results of the first phase with the help of video and audio recordings, as well as interviews and introduced a second phase with another hypothesis. This consisted of a detailed, qualitative survey conducted among all participants, based on my previous results. The data was then statistically evaluated and assessed.

My study confirmed the hypotheses from both research phases. At the end of my work, I made sug- gestions from my experience that could be useful for further studies in the field.

Here to the download:

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